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Missed connections, found connections


with emily

This past weekend, I reconnected with a former student. Now in her thirties, my former Student Government officer is a successful athletic trainer for a professional sports team and travels with another of global fame. While she was in San Diego with the latter, we had a chance to catch up and take in a game. Two days after our 1-hour chat, I received a message that her flights were unable to take off (due to the ‘snowmaggeddon on the east coast’) and needed a place to stay for a few nights. Without hesitation, she was here. Is this a message from the universe or just a simple missed connection? Read the rest of this entry

Let’s go fly a kite


It was a scene, straight out of the ending of Disney’s Mary Poppins. Somehow I almost expected to see people popping into and out of chalk drawings and chimney sweeps kicking up their heels in front of me on the footpath.

In the early afternoon, on Monday, I met up with a former student. A teenager who participated in SADD, came with me on a field trip to see RENT in NYC and was a musical star in high school was in southern California for a show. The sixteen year old, who sat in my American History classroom over a decade ago, is now fully grown and living a life he loves. What more could a teacher possibly want for her students? Read the rest of this entry