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French fries are my most favourite food in the entire world. My husband and I even had a French fry bar at our wedding. Having sampled chips in over 50 of the world’s countries, I’ve been asked by friends to compile a list of my favourites. Just as there are differences in people, there are varieties in chips (fries) and everyone will have their own personal favourites. There are the thin ones, think ones, crinkle cut, strings and all things wedge. They’re all different of course and each one selected does have their own special flare. There have been many enjoyable chips (fries) and some that will get a slot for the chips I ate in that country-but to put them on my overall favourites list would be lying. If you happen to get a chance to stop in at any of these locations and french fries are on your list of favourite foods-I would recommend you give these a go.

My Top Five Best Chips in the World

My most favourite chips in the whole world!

The very best!

1. Grill’d-Australia: thick cut rosemary herbed chips (get the regular size-even those will be gone too soon) dipped into your choice of sauce (my staple: herbed mayo)

Lord of the Fries with Belgian Mayo

2. Lord of the Fries-Melbourne, Australia: thick cut chips in a box or a cone with your choice of heaps of sauces (my staple: Belgian mayo)

When in Belgium!

3. Friterie Tabora-Brussels, Belgium: perfect Belgian frites in a paper cone with your choice of divine sauces; you’ll be sad when they’re finished (our choice for best sauce: Andalouse)

Pomme Frites-my favorite in NYC

4. Pomme Frites-New York City, New York, USA: Belgian frites in a paper cone that sit in the bars on the side of the wall so you can easily dip into an array of sauces without the worry that your chips will land on the floor (sauces: they’ll let you taste test before you choose)

Best chips I’ve had on Long Island

5. Press 195-Rockville Centre, New York, USA: Belgian chips (easily enough for two) with a few different sauces (my staple: chipotle mayo)

Really…what could ever be bad about a potato fried in oil! Happy eating!