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A Snowy Excursion in New York


in Central Park - thegiftoftravel.wordpress.com

I’m a summer girl at heart so it’s safe to say that winter excursions are not typically on my agenda. But with a change of attitude comes a change of adventure and that’s just what happened this weekend. Mathew and I have now been home from our first RTW adventure for just over 3 years and from our second one for just over seven months.  Each time we’ve tried to follow the sun and that’s what has always made my heart smile. Our holiday travel has only ever involved shorts & flip-flops (thongs). If you can believe, this is the first time in twelve years that we’ll be spending December in a cold weather climate. Adventures with my husband are the best and with one planned to be travelers in our own NYC this weekend even the snow didn’t stand in our way. Read the rest of this entry