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Flu shots, funky meeting spots and friendships

the gift of travel

Met on a tour of Australia over a decade ago…frequent travel adventures since

This past weekend, Mat and I got our flu shots. Who knew we still needed them in southern California, but according to our friendly Walgreens pharmacist (Karissa), once a year regardless of where you live is a good idea. So, we went, she jabbed, we got our shiny red bandaids and eventually…we left. With allergies and nerves, I often hang out for a bit after a vaccination and this time, we weren’t alone. Another couple was there to do the same and our forty-five minute long conversation in our ‘flu shot group’ got me thinking – about friendships and where they begin. Read the rest of this entry

What now?


Exploring Border Field State Park

I get that question a lot. Do you? ‘Now that you’re in San Diego, now what?’ ‘Are you staying?’ ‘For how long?’ ‘Are you working?’ ‘Where are you going next?’ “When are you coming home?’ ‘Are you going to Australia?’ ‘What are you doing?’ Oh my!

My mom often told me I was ‘the grass is always greener’ kind of kid, so I thought I was. I was distraught when sleep away camp ended having to sleep alone in my room without the chatter of fellow bunkmates to lure me to sleep. I would go on holidays and then pine for about three weeks when I returned to ‘real life’. One of my friends, who I traveled with often to those beach resort destinations, told me I’d pine less if I got my own apartment. Well, I did (and it was on the beach and everything), and I still despised that return to ‘real life’. Read the rest of this entry