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The Taj and more: 15 Sights of our journey to northern India


We were lucky enough to experience 10 days of majestic, historical, aromatic & eye-opening sights of Northern India. Here are just a few of the places we stopped, the locals we talked to and the experiences we won’t soon forget.

  • Chandi Chowk Market: food, goods, clothing, bags of all sorts sold by people of all ages. This bustling market was crowded with hawkers, locals, and travelers all taking in the scenery around them. Spices were ground on the street, tuk-tuks whizzed past at frightening speeds and cycle rick-shaws swerved past the camels, cows and people on the outside. You could easily get lost while weaving through the narrow passageways of the market but through it all, as is with many great markets around the world, there’s an interesting world in and of itself.
Volunteering at the Sikh Temple Communal Kitchen

Volunteering at the Sikh Temple Communal Kitchen

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