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Interview: Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living


Travelers find other travelers. We even seek each other out. When found, there’s no limit to the conversations about adventure, visas, heritage sites and local cuisine. Have you stayed at that hostel? Did you eat at Joe’s Beerhouse where your toes wiggle in the sand as the feast arrives at your table? What did you like best about that certain city? The questions are endless and the stories come with a side of travel adventure and usually a lot of laughter. Jonny Blair is a long term traveler and travel writer at Don’t Stop Living – A Lifestyle of Travel and Backpacking in China. Jonny has visited around 600 cities/towns in 90 countries across all 7 continents in the past decade. He is one of those travelers you might find at a hostel lobby or in that famed restaurant regaling others with stories of journeys while enjoying local fare. Here he shares his travel experiences and his advice to ‘work anywhere and get ready for a crazy time’.

Jonny Blair and an elephant in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka elephant visit

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