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To Dance…


Journeys are often the best teachers. There are moments of certainty and uncertainty, struggle and triumph, learning and growth but it’s the moments in between that teach so much. The magic in the middle, the lessons learned you never before realized and the friendships made along the way-these all matter. I’m not sure when my journey began, but I’m certain that I’m on one and have met many memorable people along the way. While teaching, there are those you know you’ve impacted but hundreds maybe even thousands more of whom you’ll never know your impact. I believe it’s the same thing in life. Social media has made it more possible to connect with those from the past and link to those you’ve just met, but it seems that somewhere on our journeys, if it’s meant to do so, paths will cross again for a reason. Who knows if we ever really know the reason, but the gifts we get from those crossing paths are often priceless. How lucky we are if we get to experience that.

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