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It’s All About ‘The Happy’!


“What’s happening, Will?” “It’s the wave of change, Bill! We’ve got to get on the ride.” “Fascinating-what is it? “I have no idea.” “What’s it for?” “Perhaps, it’s a momentary relief from the existential terrors of existence.” “Oh-what?” “It brings out my happy!” Happy Feet 2 

Coronado Island-San Diego, California

So, it’s now been just about one month in sunny, San Diego. I can’t even believe it. The air is easy to breathe, the sun is out most every day, people are outside everywhere and shoes are a thing of the past. Recently, I made a friend, joined a yoga studio and got a freelance gig. The husband is happily consulting. Our social life has been more active in the past three weeks than it has in years (except for our time in Melbourne), and that’s including the Long Beach summer season. We’ve been hiking in state parks, had picnics on the sand, been to travel industry dinners, caught happy hour at a local bar and watched the Super Bowl outside. We’ve had a dinner date with new friends, visited the Maritime Museum with some old friends, took in an art opening with San Diego’s major players and have grabbed more than our fair share of southern California’s vitamin D. How is this my life? Read the rest of this entry

Interview with Teacher Diane-former student, soccer phenom and world traveler

hiking in ecuador

Diane hiking in Ecuador

Another former student of mine has embraced the world of travel, location independence and global citizenship. In her youth,  she was my 11th grade student, a soccer phenom and president of SADD while I was the advisor. As the president of SADD, we spent many hours after school organizing activities and volunteering with heaps of other students, adults and organizations. As many who graduate high school and enter university and then the workforce, Diane took opportunities afforded to her to see the world at an early age. Finding just as much joy in the world outside of the town in which she grew up as she did when she resided there, she took off to see cultures far from her own and live outside her comfort zone. Recently, thanks to social media, we reconnected, and discovered a shared love of travel! Here she shares her story of what she believes to be the gifts of travel. Read the rest of this entry