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Interview: Go, See, Write (Michael Hodson)


My parents tell me it’s a generational thing. In ‘their’ day, most people had one job or one profession for over thirty years and then they retired. All did their best to sock away a nest egg of sorts for their ‘retirement’ years and some were even lucky enough to add a well-earned pension to that chunk of money in the bank. They tell me, ‘today’s generation is different’. I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times yourself. Today, in the age of 140 character thoughts, instant messaging and snapchats, the world of occupational loyalty is different. Now, if a lawyer becomes a lego-artist, a teacher trades the classroom for the world of not-for-profits, or an accountant becomes a strength and conditioning coach less people are surprised. Company loyalty isn’t the same, people don’t tend to stay in the same place for as long as they once did and what was once considered a hobby or side gig can become a full time love. It’s all happened thousands of times before, but today, more and more people are choosing a work-life balance over that handsome paycheck. Michael Hodson, a successful attorney changed his mind. He hit the road in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. Here he shares his story and what he believes to be the gifts of travel. Read the rest of this entry