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Traveler Interview #7: Midlife Road Trip’s Rick Griffin


Interview with Midlife Road Trip (Rick Griffin)

Sailing the seas

1.When did you get started traveling? I fell in love with traveling as a child going on family vacations. As an adult I owned a small chain of child care centers and served on the board of directors for the National Child Care Association where I traveled to different parts of the country for various board and committee meetings on a regular basis. After a life-threatening illness in 2004 I reevaluated my priorities, sold my business and began pursuing my creative passions by starting a video production company.

2.What made you decide make the jump to a location independent/travel-based existence? In 2008 I won a contest for a webisode pilot I had created called “Midlife Road Trip”.  That got me to thinking how cool it would be to actually travel around the world and check things off my bucket list. I did a lot of brainstorming with friends on Twitter about the possibility of creating a regular “Midlife Road Trip” show – or at least something like it. One of those friends was Sandi McKenna. Sandi had a background in video production and was very passionate about the idea. I had never met Sandi in real life, so I took my wife and daughters to Tampa for spring break. I got to meet Sandi and we were able to brainstorm how we could make this work. We tweaked the concept, shot another pilot and put it out for the world to see. Fortunately it seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people and gave us the confidence to give it a go. Read the rest of this entry