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Sandune’s Lodge is known as the home of the San People, the Bushmen. Andrew, the owner, who greeted us graciously, communicated quite easily with the San people living in a small village at the edge of his property. We had arrived early to find traditionally designed, beautiful rooms, and breath-taking animal population.

Riding atop the jeep

Our drive to the Bushmen village was short, but our transportation quite different. There were two jeeps, each with some room inside and one with a separate seating section on the top. Yes, that’s right, (don’t tell my mother) we sat on the roof of the truck! As we gripped at the handrails over every bump, we knew this ride would be special. We drove through the bush on sand tracks and after leaving the car we continued to head further into the bush hiking through blades of grass up to my waist. The journey was incredible and we hadn’t even yet met the people.

The San People of Namibia

At the edge of the property, what we saw was astounding. We found a village of six adults, two teenage boys and a few children staying in stick-made huts surrounding a man-made fire. They wore little clothing, spoke their own language, used traditional methods of hunting, played with sticks, and regularly drank out of ostrich eggs.  As Andrew translated our conversations and questions, the Bushmen demonstrated how they trapped animals, made a poison to place on the end of an arrow, created gorgeous shell jewelry out of ostrich eggs and altogether how they lived. Read the rest of this entry

An Afternoon with the San People of Namibia

The Red Dunes


Day 48: Nubib Namibia-Namibian Desert, Namibia (25 October 2009)

So, as I said, we were supposed to wake up at 4am, get our breakfast boxes and be on the road early as the sand dunes get crowded and really hot by late morning. Well, a plan is just that, right? This is what happened instead…we did get up at 4am and we did get our breakfast boxes and we did get away on time and then…First, our bus got stuck in piles of sand as the roads out of the farmstay are gravelly and sandy (for those who have seen my cousin vinny it’s kind of like getting stuck in the mud in Alabama…) and we dug and pushed and then waited for Paul to walk back to the house (you guessed it-no mobile phone service at all)and get the owner and the Unimok and tow/pull us out of the ditch. After watching another gorgeous African sunrise, we drove for what seemed like forever and came upon a bad accident on the side of the road. A car had completely flipped over and the passengers, a young couple and their young daughter were all on the side of the road and survived with just a few scratches, amazingly. We stopped to help them and give some first aid as they were alright but now had no way to go anywhere but they said that help from the lodge they had stayed at was already on the way and thanked us for our kindness as they were only concerned that they had delayed our trip to our destination; how sweet-and they were the ones hurt.

On our way we had many photostops in front of the famous Namibian red desert sand dunes; the same ones that Angelina Jolie was photographed on before she gave birth to her child here. We ate our breakfast boxes from the nice people at the farmstay, watched outside as the springbok jumped & ostrich crossed in front of and alongside the bus and finally arrived at Dune 45.

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