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Kruger National Park, South Africa


Day 68: Polokwane, South Africa-Kruger National Park, South Africa (14 November 2009)

Well, the storm had come and gone and the tents were still standing, so that was a good thing! We woke up at 6:30 this morning to the scene of a very heavy storm with the outsides of the tents drenched but we were dry as a bone on the inside! We got ourselves up and had a lovely brekky of Jungle Oats So Easy, South Africa’s version of instant oatmeal. We had banana and toffee and chocolate and added peanut butter and oh my goodness they were delicious! Like a warm reeces peanut butter cup and a warm banana dessert!

After a cup of tea and the wash up of the dishes, we were on our way to Kruger National Park! We attempted to go to a small game reserve first but unfortunately it was raining a bit and the reserve was closed since they were afraid of the cars sliding into the animals. Lucky for us, this is the only time so far in this whole journey that weather has been a factor at all in our holiday plans. So, in lieu of the reserve, we hit a shopping mall to get some food for Kruger and we had a bit of a wander around and picked up a few of our South African favorites for the road (two boxes of rusks and some Braai salt) and then we headed to Kruger! How cool is that! We were actually going to Kruger National Park in South Africa-I’ve wanted to go here for as long as I’ve known it existed!

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South Africa here we come!


Day 67: Nata, Botswana-Polokwane, South Africa (13 November 2009)

Well, aside from watching the elephant drink from the pool last night after another beautiful sunset, we didn’t get eaten by lions, we survived the giant dung beetles and made it to morning when our alarm went off at four! We got up and put the tents away in the dark; then hopped on the truck and fell straight back to sleep for quite awhile. We drove for what seemed like forever with a few toilet stops along the way; breakfast was at a toilet stop (some muesli and yogurt on the truck) and lunch was at a non-descript place just before the South African border post.

We crossed over the Limpopo River and through the border of South Africa just after midday, got another stamp in our passports and then made our way another three hours or so to the town of Polokwane which is the capital of the Limpopo Province in the Republic of South Africa. We made our way to Boma the Bush campsite in Polokwane. It’s a nice place (there are guest chalets that we didn’t have) with a pool table and a pool, some guest cottages and a campsite. Hey, at least we were off of the truck at this point which was great and although we were out of biscuits (cookies for s’mores) we would still be able to toast some marshmallows over the fire tonight after dinner which is apparently wildabeast sausages (but not for me, of course).

Polokwane was basically a stop along the route to Kruger National Park. Not much to see and do altogether here but a place to lay our weary heads. We hung at the pool for a bit and then showered (in a really nice shower with great water pressure and NO bugs) and relaxed by the fire for a bit until dinner was ready-dinner that we helped to prepare! Mathew made the mash, I made the salad and Colm made the toasties…dinner was on the braai of course…toasties, Greek salad, potato mash and wildabeast sausages for the carnivores among us. Then it was time to chat and bedtime was upon us as the lightning was here and the storm was on it’s way!

Tomorrow: Kruger National Park!