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It Feels Like Summer!


IMG_0601It’s starting. As I look out my window on Azores beach, I see them. The people have arrived. Just a few more each day, they’re venturing out of the winter blues and the short lived but pollen filled spring to plant their toes in the sand and their hearts near the sea. Beach passes are being sold in the center of town; I’m already in possession of two. The trucks have arrived. The bright green sand flattener guy rolls by each morning flattening the work of the tide from the night before.

Now come the scooper trucks. Bright yellow in hue, they are here too. Starting to build the sand dunes that should halt destruction if the ocean surges again as she did in October of 2012, they build. They beep as they back up heading to pick up more sand to put in its protective place. Read the rest of this entry