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Holiday Lifestyle Amidst The Routine

Home in Long Beach, NY

Home in Long Beach, NY

Anyone who knows me will tell you that it’s the simple, little things that make me smile. I choose experience over things, sunshine over snow, barefoot over heels and laughter over tears. Since I spent my summers at the beach as a child, it’s the only place I’ve ever wanted to live and I feel lucky to spend my days next to the Atlantic with my feet in the Long Beach sand.

As a traveler, I love to explore and rarely do I want to return from an adventure. Since those adventures take a bit of cash, there are stretches of time spent ‘at home’ saving for the next journey. While I wait, why not make home an adventure in itself. There’s travel in the every day if we put our minds to it. Routine is boring but travel is exciting, so why not find the exciting in the every day. This summer more than any other before, Mathew and I are doing just that and last weekend was a perfect example-it was Craft Fair weekend in Long Beach! Read the rest of this entry