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Looking forward


Rottnest Island, Western Australia - the gift of travel

Do you ever find yourself in a rut? A few days go by and you’re in a funk and can’t get out? Sick, have to stay in bed for a few days and can’t find the motivation to move forward when you’re feeling better? Have an inkling that something might be wrong but can’t put your finger on it? In a moment of clarity you kick yourself and say, ‘get out of that funk – stop being depressed and find the happy’; but sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds. I have no medical degree, and I’m not speaking (of course) about serious depression or diseases you can’t control…I mean that bit of sad that creeps in every once and awhile an attempts to dim your sparkle. Read the rest of this entry

A San Diego Weekend to Remember


Embrace the sun – Soak up the Vitamin D – Live in the moment – Go outside and play

These phrases all bounced around my head this weekend. As photos of another Northeastern blizzard bombarded my Facebook pages, we jumped head first into San Diego’s outdoor lifestyle. Except for the time we lived in Melbourne, I can’t remember another February that I was this active. All of my other Februarys have been spent huddled under blankets, swaddled under layers and layers of thermals and sweats and drinking as much tea as my bladder could handle (amidst one week of fabulous sunshine). This one is different. This one we get to be outside. It may seem silly, but for me, the weather makes all the difference.

fun on Valentine's Day at the Melbourne Zoo Read the rest of this entry

Peace, Love and Sandy Feet



Summer is here and beach season is upon us. For those who mark time by the raising of lifeguard stands at the unofficial start of summer…it’s here. Living in a beach town you notice these things. In September, the crowd begins to ebb and the frolicking children head back to school. Locals let out a collective sigh at the sight of the less crowded sand. But now, it’s the opposite. This past week trucks, people, artists, lifeguards, contractors, more surfers, vendors and even the iFly troupe have shown up taking their appropriate spots and fulfilling their necessary tasks. Beach season is upon us. As of this weekend, Long Beach is akin to Kevin Costner’s field in Iowa…people will come. They’ll come for the sand and stay for the nighttime concerts. They’ll venture out from the city by train to feel the warm sand between their toes and remember a simpler time when nothing mattered but when to flip for the least tan lines and which ice cream flavor to choose. They’ll come for the waves and stay for the craft fairs and the food truck ‘shorgeasboard’ and delight in the free spirit of nature at its summer’s best. Read the rest of this entry