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Interview: The Happiness Plunge (Adam Pervez)


Have you ever had that feeling that there was something more out there? Do you find yourself daydreaming from your cubicle, classroom, job or office and thinking ‘I had a goal, I’ve met that goal but now I have a new one?’ How many times do you say to yourself ‘this is no longer my passion and if I could, I’d rather be doing THIS!’ Meet Adam Pervez. He did just that. He went to school and then more university, had a career and then a second career and decided to ditch it all for HAPPINESS. He quit a six-figure job to explore the world and created the Happiness Plunge. Traveling, remaining off the beaten path and learning how others find their happy became his. Here he shares his story of bringing out his happy and what he believes to be the gifts of travel.

208 Speaking At TEDxYerevan In Armenia (4)

Speaking at a TEDx event in Armenia

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