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The Two Yutes


Channeling My Cousin Vinny

Years ago I read a story in the local paper about two men, where they live and how they felt about their spot in the country. One man lived on the East coast and looked out at the ocean from his property. In his view he felt as if he could see forever and couldn’t imagine not living by the sea. Another man lived in the middle of the country and looked out on open fields of green that went for miles and he too felt as if he could see forever. The two decided to switch places for two weeks to see how the other lived and to, at least for a while, see how they felt in differing habitats. The experiment ended in five days. Both men could see the appeal of how the other lived but felt trapped in their surroundings. The ocean man who was now viewing endless land felt suffocated while the landlocked man felt as if he was about to fall off the end of the earth with the ocean at his fingertips instead of his calming land. Both knew that they were lucky to live in these wonderful places and now began to fully understand that although both had its merits, they felt more comfortable in the one better suited for them. These days I can’t stop thinking about this story. Read the rest of this entry