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Traveling Overseas…what to do before you go!



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You’ve dreamed about it for as long as you can remember and now it’s here. Tickets are booked, that packing list is beginning to swirl in your brain and you’re counting down the minutes until you head to the airport…now what? Although that aforementioned packing list will differ between long and short term travelers, some things are constant. Of course, not everyone will have the same amount of time available to plan, but the more you take care of ahead of time, the less you’ll have to worry later. No matter where you’re traveling from or heading to, certain things apply. Taking care of yourself, having access to finances, making it across borders safely and connecting with family and friends are priorities across the board. Perhaps these few suggestions will make your pre-trip planning easier. Enjoy the journey! Read the rest of this entry

Travel and Money Saving Tips – Melbourne, Australia


Travel can be expensive and often the littlest tips can go a long way. Whether you’re living, visiting or traveling through – major cities can be expensive. Melbourne, Australia is one of my most favourite cities in the world. Join me in the next few posts to experience Melbourne and many of the amazing gifts of travel it has to offer.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help those budgets along the way.

melbourne sign port Read the rest of this entry

When in India-38 tips from our travels

Wherever your journey takes you...bring a smile.

Wherever your journey takes you…bring a smile.

  1. Do not drink the tap water
  2. Only eat cooked vegetables
  3. To check the seal of a water bottle: hold it sideways and tip and squeeze; if water exits at all-DO NOT DRINK!
  4. Metro system is easy to follow: don’t be afraid to go to the window to ask questions or assistance
  5. In markets…Bargain, Bargain, Bargain Read the rest of this entry