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If those yearbooks could talk…


I wonder what they'd say...thegiftoftravel.wordpress.com

Remember them? Remember the agony of choosing the appropriate quote to go under your senior photo in that high school yearbook? I recall hours of searching movie lines, lyrics and quotes to find one that I thought worked best. And then there was that question that would accompany your photo…’where do you see yourself in ten years’? Seriously? How on earth could I know that answer at seventeen years old and would there be any possibility it would be true in a decade? I certainly couldn’t foresee a teaching career and full on career change, a love of travel, life on two coasts, freelancing or a spouse from the other side of the world. Read the rest of this entry

A date with a seal

About to embark on the SEAL Tour - thegiftoftravel.wordpress.com

Ready for an adventure

Water kid meets amphibious touring vessel. What may sound to my four year old superhero loving nephew like a new addition, in a blue cape, riding a fast moving submarine is little ole me hopping on one of San Diego’s own, Seal Tours. This weekend, Mat and I took the opportunity to try out one of those giant blue contraptions we see riding around town. It’s great when we take advantage of things so often ‘reserved’ for those ‘tourist visits’ or when you’ve entered into a new city. Our adventure showed us a new look at a city we’ve been in for the past ten months. Complete with a captain and first mate, our 90 minute journey on land and sea left a smile on our face and spring in our step for the duration of the day. Have you made ‘a splash on the SEAL’? Read the rest of this entry

Traveler Interview: Candice Walsh


Ever since my first trip to Israel, I’ve loved to travel. Every school/teacher break I had you’d find me on an adventure somewhere. I talked about travel, researched travel, dreamt of travel and relished the excursions I was lucky to take. Colleagues often asked ‘where are you off to next’ when they knew a school break was on the horizon. It wasn’t until Mathew and I took our ’round the world honeymoon that I even thought a travel-based existence or a lifestyle of constant travel possible. After we returned, I took a Matador U travel writing course to get more details about the possibility of writing becoming more than a hobby and that’s where I met Candice. Holding the position of lead writing faculty, she read some of my work and we edited articles together. Nomadic for about half the year, she travels and writes her way around the world. To me, Candice’s story is a bridge between those who are able to travel when holidays allow and others who are nomadic full time without a home-base. Whether you dream of travel, save for that weekend trip with friends, take a once a year holiday with family or think it might be possible to one day leap full time-her story just might inspire you to book that much thought about adventure.


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