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Melbourne, Australia-my favourite stops for a quick bite

Melbourne, Australia-my favourite stops for a quick bite

Travelers are often on the go. Married to an Aussie, and having lived in Melbourne for over six months during our travels; I still found myself running from one place to another regularly needing sustenance to keep me going. Many times that same quick bite place would later turn into a full-fledged meal stop depending on the time and day-it was just that good. Yes, they’re chains, but they have healthy options and for a vegetarian finding a spot that has more than one choice is always impressive. If you find yourself needing a quick fix while in the land of koalas & kangaroos, in the city most known for sport and café culture-here are a few of my favourite options.

Favourite Quick Bite Stops Melbourne, Australia

Lord of the Fries-chips aplenty and sauces abound! (partial to the Belgian mayo)

Grill’d-the husband has the Mighty Melbourne and I’m partial to the Garden Goodness on the sesame seed bun & don’t forget the chips – seasoned with rosemary and your choice of sauce (we choose the herbed mayo)

Boost-the best smoothie shop I’ve ever found! (if you’re in the mood for chocolate try  King William & get ready for chocolate/banana delight)

Pie Face-sweet and savoury pies! My fav is the vegetarian pie & the spinach roll (now also in New York City, New York, USA)

Schnitz-carnivores and vegetarians can create the same sandwiches-awesome!

Healthy Habits-yummy wraps with assorted veggies and proteins for fillings

Sushi Sushi-all sorts, including delicious avocado rolls

Safe, happy and delicious travels to all!