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When one door closes…


My first apartment in Long Beach

When Mat and I left French Polynesia, it rained. The hostess at breakfast looked directly at us and said, ‘Bora Bora cries for you’. It stuck with us. This past Monday it rained in Long Beach, and we remembered her words-to us they meant ‘Long Beach cries for you’. It was so foggy out that from our balcony you couldn’t even see the ocean just feet away from the door. It’s as if she was hiding – not wanting to say goodbye (for now). Perhaps these are just things we tell ourselves to make choices that might be hard, seem easier. Either way, we know just how lucky we are to have these choices and remind ourselves of that each and every day. Read the rest of this entry

Southern California Livin’


We’ve now been in our apartment for almost two weeks and I already feel like a local. The landscape has already changed and we both can already feel our blood thinning with the sunshine. Having time to spend together, investigate our new surroundings while seeing just about everything as a new adventure is precious. Just going for a walk in the morning has become something to which we both look forward. We’ve shopped at the local stores, hit state parks for hiking and have become regulars at our closest farmers market. Read the rest of this entry