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Making the leap…A traveler’s interview with Ellen Barone


When I resigned from teaching in January I got a lot of mixed reactions. There were those who were happy for me, knowing I was following a passion while many couldn’t believe I could give up the security of a salaried profession that comes with health insurance. I know the leap is right, as I haven’t looked back, but knowing there are others who have done the same and are happy, fulfilled and successful helps too. That’s how I met Ellen Barone. On her webiste she says that”…at the age of 35, with no qualifications other than a traveler’s eye and a knack for telling a tale, [she would] trade teaching and mathematics for writing and photography. In 1998, I took the plunge, and did what many of us dream of doing: I traded a successful academic career for the wild blue yonder and set out to explore the world and myself.” Hearing about her book and story made me want to reach out and connect. Here she tells a bit of her story and what she believes to be the gifts of travel.

American travel journalist Ellen Barone and her husband, Hank, an action/adventure novelist, have been temporarily inhabiting Latin America since 2011. Learning to live a different kind of life, they’ve traded routine and security for the daily challenges and joys of life in another culture. At work on her first book, I Could Live Here, a memoir of home and belonging, Ellen unravels the question they’ve grappled with throughout their nomadic adventures: How can we feel rooted, deeply and firmly, no matter where we live? Read the rest of this entry