And so it goes…

Safari in East Africa -

On safari in Tanzania, Africa

It’s happening again. Yup, the itch is back, but it’s different this time. Southern California living hasn’t deadened the urge, it’s shifted it, revamped it, rejiggered it yet it’s still very much alive. In speaking with those who are mildly enthused by travel, many reply ‘haven’t you gotten it out of your system, yet’? Seriously? Realistically, it only gets worse! The more lands on which I’ve set foot, the more cultural interactions I’ve had, the more spectacular I’ve been honoured to witness…the list keeps growing as the experiences available are unending. No, it’s not out of my system…it’s what makes my system tick! I want to see the world!

On the Mekong -

On the Mekong River

It’s been really nice doing our best to take advantage of where we are in the world right now. 2015 has been filled with new adventures both near and far, large and small. A cross-country road trip, a plethora of returns to New York, a few weeks in Australia and countless local adventures around the southwest corner of the United States all took place. There’s not one minute that we take for granted how lucky we are and how we are always hopeful that the choices we make will lead us to even more happy. Still, the yearning is there. It’s different, but never is she faint.

Angkor Wat -

In Cambodia, Asia

When I was teaching, once the weather got chilly, I tended towards a warm weather escape as often as possible. Of course, there were other places to visit, but time and weather factored into each decision. Here, it’s different. This part of the country is where others choose to escape to during those same times. Here is where the air doesn’t hurt to breathe and my little lungs aren’t under a constant barrage of bronchitis. Here, I’m not alone when I want to bundle up in sweaters and socks when temperatures dip below 70 degrees Farenheit/20 degrees Celcius. Here, the snow seekers drive a bit, hike up a mountain and ski their way down while sun seekers do the same in a different direction. Adventure is available without necessary passports – yet the urge continues.

Charles Bridge - Prague -

On the Charles Bridge in Prague, Europe

Perhaps it’s a longer excursion we’ll plan for the spring. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to see a different way and experience new. Perhaps it’s a chance to learn, choose new things and continue to find new ways to spread our wings. Who knows. The smile that usurps my face when an airline sale arises, a tour company unveils new itineraries or we wander into a map store run a close second to the feeling of sun on my face with my toes in the sand. What I do know is that the desire to travel to distant lands doesn’t dissipate with each passing year. For me, the yearning continues to stir while journeys continue to be researched. There’s only one way to quench the urge before the next one arises…Go Explore! Join us on our adventures.

Phillip Island, Australia -

In Phillip Island, Australia

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      • I just got back from France on Saturday. Next up is a road trip to CT to speak at a celiac conference and then a trip to Wisconsin to visit the family!

        Australia is a good possibility for me in 2016 so I will definitely be in touch for tips!

      • Awesome! How was France? Sounds great! Please give my love to the whole family! Love to chat travel (especially Australia) whenever you’d like. Let me know how I can help. Happy travels. 🙂

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