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Interview: Francis Tapon


Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern and everywhere I set foot in between…I have loved Africa. When asked about my time on the continent, my answer is always the same, ‘Africa gets in your soul, and stays there’. Each time we leave I can’t wait to return. Through social media and travelers postings, I connected with Francis Tapon who is on a journey to document the Unseen Africa. A traveler, author, speaker, co-founder of a robotics vision company in Silicon Valley and owner of an MBA from Harvard Business School, Francis Tapon ditched life in Silicon Valley in 2006 to pursue another dream to travel to each of the world’s countries. To date, he as been to more than 80, backpacked over 20,000 km (walked across America four times) and is currently on a three year trip around the African continent. His most recent journey works on showcasing more of Africa than what is shown in the media. In his own words, this ‘adventure travel show is part documentary and part reality show’. If you’ve never been to Africa, want to reminisce about your travels or want to learn a bit more before you book that ticket this might be your chance. Check out his travels, back the project, follow the journey or just delve a bit further into the gifts of travel provided by the beauty that is Africa. Read the rest of this entry